Dog activities

Did you know that, according to scientists, a dog’s sense of smell is between 10,000 and 100,000 times as acute as a person’s?  To put that into understandable terms, dogs can detect some odours in parts per trillion.  Do you think you could catch the scent of one rotten apple in two million barrels of apples?  A dog probably could! Imagine, then, the sensory wonders your dog will experience at K9 Ranch.  This idyllic property is comprised of 26 picturesque country acres that offer a thrilling barrage of scents that bring canine guests endless stimulation and, quite simply, unbridled joy.

And smell is not the only dog sense to which K9 Ranch appeals.  Visually, the ranch is breathtaking.  Hills, lowlands, woods, grass, nature trails, fresh spring-fed ponds — the K9 property has it all.  And the best part is, this rural wonderland is entirely fenced-in, meaning that, for dogs who are compatible with being off-leash, freedom is pretty much unlimited.

Dog activities

The simple truth is this:  dogs never get bored or listless or depressed during their stay here.  Interaction and activity are plentiful — and the more they have, the healthier and happier they are.  No matter what their age or activity level might be, there’s always something for them to do, always a way for them to expend their enthusiastic energy.  And, as the old saying goes:  “A tired dog is a happy dog.”

The Corrals or “Fields”

If you’re looking for distinguishing features that enable K9 Ranch to stand head and shoulders above other dog-boarding kennels, here are 14!  Fourteen separate exercise areas — ranging from 1-acre to 6-acres — completely enclosed using more than 20,000 feet of 5-foot-high wildlife fencing.  The trails in each corral are regularly mown from spring through autumn, and in the winter blown free of snow.  The logic here is that dogs need to be walked every day of the year — and this applies just as emphatically to those with short legs or a few extra years under their furry belts.

Dogs love to go for walks.  Dogs need to go for walks.  And the secure K9 Corrals, with their variety of terrains and woods and fields and trails and ponds, are pretty much a walking paradise.  It should be noted that “walk” is used here in its broadest sense, to include such exuberant canine pastimes as running, jumping, playing, hunting, chasing, tumbling, romping, fetching, sniffing, curiosity-satisfying, bonding, making new friends, demanding belly-rubs, and telling jokes to other dogs (just watch them when they’re together — dogs absolutely do tell each other jokes).

Dog activities

K9 staff will evaluate your dog’s energy and personality and, with both enjoyment and safety in mind, determine which of the three corrals is most suitable for him or her to explore.  If your dog will come when called, then being walked off-leash is an exciting option not often available at other dog-boarding locations; if your dog won’t come when called or has health issues that make a leash necessary, then K9 staff will be sure to follow your instructions accordingly.

The All-Weather Areas
Even though dogs do need to be walked every day of the year, sometimes Mother Nature puts her foot down, shakes her head grimly and says, sorry folks, today is not a good day to be playing outside.  Where ordinary boarding kennels might respond to this by shutting dogs in their rooms until the weather improves, K9 Ranch sees it as an opportunity to let their guests take advantage of the All-Weather Areas.

The All-Weather Areas are the ranch’s indoor play areas, 2x 300 square feet of enclosed, roofed space where dogs are free to do what dogs do best:  run, romp, chase, fetch and play a variety of games, all under the careful supervision of ranch staff.  There are raised resting surfaces where dogs can take a break from the activity if and when they choose, have a laugh at their friends, cheer them on, bark some encouragement — before jumping down to rejoin the fun.

For those hardier dogs whose curiosity compels them to explore outside no matter whether it’s raining or snowing, the All-Weather Areas features indoor/outdoor dog-doors that lead to a surrounding compound that’s entirely fenced-in and secure.  Although dogs are enclosed and sheltered from the elements, therefore, they never feel trapped or shut-in.

So rest assured:  if your dog’s stay at the ranch coincides with one of Mother Nature’s periodic irritable moods, this will have no effect whatsoever on canine fitness, exercise, playtime, or socializing with two- and four-legged friends.  The recreation will simply move indoors, to a protected environment where indoor voices aren’t mandatory!

It’s All About the Individual

K9 staff members know dogs.  They know what makes them tick.  And tock.  And they know that no two dogs tick and tock in exactly the same way.

With this in mind, activities at the ranch are tailored to each particular guest, to his or her age, general health, and energy level.  Here, dogs can:

  • walk to their hearts’ content (see complete definition of “walk,” above)
  • play “catch” or “retrieve” with various toys, balls or bumpers
  • engage in an invigorating game of “toy-chase” or “rope-pull”
  • enjoy extra workout time, either walking or jogging, if they’re the type to enjoy exercise
  • relax with a quiet cuddle, belly-rub, or brushing, if they’re the type to prefer pampering
Dog activities

Unlimited access to the rural richness of the K9 Ranch property means that maintaining your dog’s fitness routine and active enthusiasm for life is easy and fun.  And it’s all covered by the ranch’s flat-rate pricing:  where run-of-the-mill dog-boarding kennels charge extra for playtime, walks, and loving attention, K9 Ranch staff understand that sometimes a dog just needs a cuddle or a few extra tosses of a ball, without it all being itemized line-by-line on an invoice.



We work hard to maintain our 26 acres without spraying any pesticides. We can also say that for over 30 years this land has not ever been sprayed with any pesticides. We are proud of this fact.

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