K9 Ranch is our hidden gem for dogs, tucked away on 28 acres of sprawling farm and forested Ontario nature

Our dogs are welcome to sniff, play and explore through the fields in all weather – sun, rain, snow and sleet! They love to run through the brush and jump through the muddy puddles, and while they may be happy to jump into the car at the end of a daycare day or boarding stay – pet parents may be slightly less excited than their canine counterparts!

While we still offer basic grooming services to tidy up your pup after their Ranchcation, we are very excited to announce we are welcoming professional grooming services for your furry pups. We will be adding a list of full service salon experiences including a new haircut!

We know how important it is for your pup to enjoy the bountiful experience of socializing with other dogs on our beautiful country property, but we also know how lovely it is to receive your pet smelling clean, fluffed and ready to cuddle by the time you pick up, consider booking a professional grooming appointment during your reservation!



We want your dog to feel good! Reaching an ideal weight will help prevent injuries and help keep your dog healthy and fit. Our setting provides the ideal weight loss environment for your dog, with 26 beautiful acres in the peaceful country, large, immaculately maintained, grassy play areas, wooded nature trails and plenty of fresh air.

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