Why choose K9 Ranch Training Academy for your dog?

K9 Ranch has operated a balanced training program since 2018, offering structured boarding

and training to pets on our 28 acre facility. Our training services are cohesive with our philosophy regarding pet care: we believe in providing enrichment and fulfillment to the dogs that are entrusted to our care.

Training dogs that attend our programming will have several training sessions throughout the day, as well as guided walks throughout our 15 individual trail fields. Once your dog is armed with excellent recall, they also have the opportunity to play and socialize with other dogs throughout the day!

In the third week of training, your dog will have the opportunity to go on daily “field trips” to practice obedience in a real world setting.

We test our training to ensure that dogs can maintain their skills in a trail walk environment, around other dogs, and out in busy public environments.

Our training philosophy views each dog as a holistic being and aims to address the root of what creates true happiness, contentment and social responsibility in our pets.

Why choose K9 Ranch Training Academy for you?

Our daycare, boarding, training and grooming services are built to function as co-operative services. This means that the positive behaviour your dog has developed will be maintained throughout every aspect of care your pet may need, providing professional level consistency required to make the most of your investment in training during future stays or appointments with us!

Our goal is to train the dog and coach the owner! Owner education is critical to the continued success of a Board & Train program. We have spent years learning theory, researching current best practices and honing our skills. Your dog then spends 3-4 weeks learning skills during their program – but what about you? We offer access to a video library as well as multiple follow up sessions to each program to ensure that owners have the information they need to maintain the success of their program.

Each owner takes home a custom booklet outlining all of the information communicated during the go-home sessions, including suggestions for troubleshooting issues at home! We encourage owners to reach out with questions or concerns post-graduation to ensure that issues are addressed quickly and comprehensively!



We understand that life can get complicated…and you can’t always keep up. One way to deal with some of the complications of life is to have your four-legged responsibilities go on vacation, so you can have a break. K9 Ranch can help here.

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