Did you know that the length of a single day on the planet Venus is 243 Earth days? Imagine all you could get accomplished if your day was that long! You could walk your dog without constantly glancing at your watch, have a leisurely breakfast, drive the kids to school, go to work, come home, spend some quality time with your dog — oh, alright, with your kids too — binge-watch your favourite TV series, and even have time left over before bed for a nap or two. Or three. Or fifty.

The unfortunately reality, however, is that here on Earth you’re stuck with only 24 paltry hours in a day. You’re stuck with rushing hither and yon from morning to night, struggling to find time for everything on your seemingly endless TO DO list. And when you’re getting ready for a vacation or a business trip, that endless TO DO list somehow — impossibly — manages to double, triple, quadruple in size.

K9 Ranch’s Dog Chauffeur service has a single, specific purpose: to relieve you of the responsibility of transporting your four-legged loved one to the ranch at the beginning of his or her boarding stay, and of transporting him or her back home again at the end of it. You won’t have to worry about forcing this necessary task (and its associated traffic frustrations) into your already-bursting-at-the-seams schedule; and, furthermore, you’ll be able to alleviate at least some anxiety because of the reassuring knowledge that your dog is getting where he or she needs to be, safely and comfortably and on time. Not to mention conveniently.

Okay, CONVENIENTLY Really Should Be Mentioned

K9 Ranch’s Dog Chauffeur service does its best to anticipate all the ways your dog’s boarding stay can start and end most smoothly:

  • Your dog is picked up at your door at the beginning of his or her boarding stay and dropped off at that very same door at the end. (K9 Ranch vehicles are climate-controlled, comfortable and private: other dogs in the neighbourhood, certain there is a canine celebrity in their midst, will goggle with envious eyes and gaping mouths as your dog drives by.)
  • Pick-up: Tuesday and Friday only — 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Drop-off: Tuesday and Friday only — 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Dog Chauffeur pricing is as simple as it can be, $40 per direction, as long as your location is within our Pick-up Area.

Making Contact

By phoning K9 Ranch at 905-936-2224 or sending an e-mail to k9team@k9ranch.ca, you can:

  • find out additional details about the Dog Chauffeur service
  • make sure that the Dog Chauffeur service covers your particular location in the Greater Toronto Area
  • schedule the Dog Chauffeur service for your dog

ANOTHER GREAT OPTION – if our Dog Chauffeur service is not convenient for you, our partner, “Your Dog Butler” offers safe, comfortable and commercially licensed vehicles for your pet’s ride to and from your home (or zone) to the Ranch. Your Dog Butler’s mission is to make dog ownership easy for you, give them a call 647-477-5858 to set up your dogs transport to the Ranch. yourdogbutler.com



We work hard to maintain our 26 acres without spraying any pesticides. We can also say that for over 30 years this land has not ever been sprayed with any pesticides. We are proud of this fact.

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