Did you ever walk into a room and catch your dog giving himself or herself an appraising, appreciative glance in a mirror? It’s a little-known fact that dogs can be just as conscious about their appearance as human beings are. They might not have clothing and fashion to take into consideration, but when it comes to their fur and nails, watch out — they give cats a run for their money as far as fastidious vanity goes.

And good grooming isn’t just about looks and vanity, of course: it’s also about how a dog feels, how comfortable they are in their own skin and fur.

For this reason, K9 Ranch is pleased to offer an optional add-on grooming service to dogs who stay here, either for Daycare or longer-term Boarding. When it’s time to go home, dogs who’ve taken advantage of this offering leave the ranch with their heads held high, their tails swishing confidently, and quite a bit of jaunty cheerfulness in their step.

Dog getting a bath

Bath & Go

Consider, if you will, the K9 Ranch environment, the 26 rural acres of woods and fields and trails and ponds, the welcoming canine paradise that makes running, jumping, exploring, playing, hunting, chasing, tumbling and romping such an uninhibited joy. Now consider the scents and smells that these exuberant outdoor activities will unavoidably bring to your dog’s coat — especially if weather conditions are humid or rainy — simply because the ranch’s all-natural surroundings encourage these most natural types of canine behaviour. It is for this aromatic reason that K9 Ranch staff highly recommend that dogs who’ve been boarded here be bathed prior to departure for home. It’s not a matter of environmental cleanliness — for K9 Ranch maintains the highest sanitation standards in the industry; it’s a matter of you taking your dog home in fresh-smelling, ready-for-cuddling-and-snuggling-and-jumping-on-your-bed condition.

K9 Ranch’s Bath & Go service is a discounted treat for dogs, offered to Boarding or Day Camp guests. It includes:

  • Bath (using high-end, all-natural shampoo and conditioner, selected from our extensive range of bathing and grooming products to suit the dog’s individual requirements)
  • Dry (fluff-dry by hand not crate-dry)

How Much*?

  • Small dogs: $25
  • Medium-sized dogs: $35
  • Large dogs: $45

* Prices are subject to change, depending on the condition of the dog’s coat and severity of matting, if any.

For additional details see Services Bath & Go

À la Carte

Add on separate services selectively to either (a) Daycare, (b) Boarding or (c) Bath & Go:

How Much?

  • Nail-trim: $15
  • Ear-clean: $10
  • Blow Dry Upgrade: $20
  • Dog Brushing: $20
  • Teeth Brushing: $15

Grooming — The Non-Edible Dog-Treat

For the most part, dogs love to be groomed. They love the feel of it, the warm water, the soothing massage of the shampoo and conditioner, the fluff-dry by hand, the invigoration of the brush-bristles, the pampering, everything. True, sometimes a dog who is new to the grooming experience will be a bit nervous at first; but, with the tender, loving, professional care demonstrated by K9 Ranch staff, this anxiety soon vanishes. There is never a need for sedatives here. The gentleness of K9 Ranch groomers plus the tranquil, stress-free environment of the ranch itself exert a calming effect that’s a wonder to behold.



We understand that life can get complicated…and you can’t always keep up. One way to deal with some of the complications of life is to have your four-legged responsibilities go on vacation, so you can have a break. K9 Ranch can help here.

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