For many people lucky enough or blessed enough to be parents to a dog, the prospect of leaving their four-legged child in someone else’s care — whether for a day, a week, or longer — can cause quite a bit of anxiety.  This is particularly true if the dog in question has any kind of special needs or requirements.

The staff at K9 Ranch understand this.  And so, they do everything possible to minimize or even eliminate all traces of parental apprehension and worry.  Their ultimate goal — and this is a simple fact that you should always keep in mind — is to safeguard the health and well-being of each and every guest who stays at the ranch, either as a boarder or a Day Camper.

Dogs who spend time at K9 Ranch are required to fill out a Pet Profile Form — well, their parents are, to be precise.  The details on this form enable staff to understand each guest fully and identify his or her special needs.  Even before this however, for first-timers here, there’s an initial “meet and greet,” a casual-but-scheduled visit (lasting anywhere from twenty minutes to two hours, entirely your choice) that gives parents and dogs an opportunity to take a look around the ranch and get to know the owners and staff and any sociable guests who happen to be present, while allowing staff to get to know the dogs and learn what their special care requirements might be.  Dogs at K9 Ranch are treated as individuals and, consequently, their individual needs are not taken lightly.

Special Needs — Each Dog is an Individual
You should make sure to let K9 Ranch staff know, therefore, about any and all special needs your dog has, so that everything possible can be done to satisfy them.  This is a partial list of individualized requirements that can be accommodated at the ranch:

  • Medications and supplements (for more details see Medical Care)
  • Special or extra meals (for more details see Meals)
  • Special handling care
  • Bedding upgrades (for more details see Accommodations)
  • Daily brushing (for more details see Grooming)
  • Puppy care
  • Senior care

Special Unexpected Needs
If your dog should require unforeseen medical attention while at K9 Ranch, the standard procedure is to first get in touch with either you or the emergency contact whose name you’ve provided.  If the nature of the health issue makes a visit to a professional necessary, K9 Ranch reserves the right to choose a veterinarian.  Rest assured that, with several trustworthy vets within ten kilometres of the ranch, your dog’s unexpected health situation — if it arises — would be dealt with as speedily as possible.  (On a related note:  As much as they might want to, K9 Ranch is unable to board guests in the late stages of a terminal illness.)



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