Owners Julie and Ronn searched high and low, over a long period of time, for the ideal location to establish K9 Ranch. They wanted a site that not only possessed all the physical attributes they were looking for, but also exuded a warm, positive, friendly atmosphere to humans and dogs alike. They found what they sought in a property that had served the region for decades as an animal haven and sanctuary — a place that seems to glow with a welcoming aura and communicate a heartfelt message to anyone who visits: Here, animals are loved, cared for, and protected.

These are K9 Ranch’s physical attributes — some inherent, some brought about by renovations in 2014 — features Julie and Ronn are as proud of as they are its pleasant, peaceful, dog-friendly atmosphere:

  • Convenient location: Although the ranch and its surroundings bring to mind tranquil, untouched, rural wilderness — and have an immediate calming effect on both human and canine spirits — the city of Toronto is less than an hour’s drive away.
  • Vets close at hand: As well, there are several trustworthy vets within ten kilometres of the ranch.
  • Space, space and more space: Unlike more urban dog-boarding facilities, the ranch is comprised of 26 sprawling, tail-wag-inducing acres of fenced fields, hills, lowlands, woods, grass and nature trails, ideal for canine exercise and exploration. For safety and security, the entire property is surrounded and enclosed by 5-foot-high wildlife fencing. And, within this outer perimeter, all the ranch’s off-leash areas are also securely fenced-in.
  • Water features: There are 2 fresh spring-fed ponds on the property where dogs can play, paddle and cool themselves off on hot summer days.
  • Huge indoor play area: When the weather or the season (or an individual dog’s preference) makes outdoor activity unsuitable, there is a 600-square-foot indoor play area — the All-Weather Corral — in which dogs can romp* to their hearts’ content. (*Note: frolicking may also take place)
  • Numerous private kennel runs: Even though the ranch features cage-less dog-boarding, and guest rooms rather than kennels, canine guests do, in fact, have access to kennel runs — 20 indoor/outdoor private kennel runs and 15 additional outdoor runs to ensure that the option to be active is always available.
  • Room Features:
  • clean and comfortable interiors, with climate-control for optimal restfulness
  • seamless, antibacterial, non-absorbent, pet-friendly floors
  • privacy walls to ensure peaceful slumber
  • both natural sunlight (windows in every room) and full-spectrum lighting
  • soothing music to create a calming atmosphere
  • freshly laundered blankets
  • either thickly fleece-padded raised beds or thickly fleece-padded Kuranda beds (the latter specifically suited to provide orthopaedic comfort to dogs of all ages, and especially beneficial — and recommended by veterinarians — for dogs afflicted with hip problems, arthritis, or various complaints associated with aging)

Extended Family

Beyond its welcoming atmosphere and appealing physical attributes, K9 Ranch has a unique emotional component — that’s really the only way to describe it — that dogs who stay here immediately respond to with air-turbulent tails, shining eyes and excited barks, and that their dog-parents often feel compelled to comment on with equal enthusiasm (albeit fewer wagging tails). Because ranch-owners Julie and Ronn and their staff are dog-lovers at heart — and dog-lovers with heart — they treat the dogs staying here as if they were their own, part of their family. Personal, loving attention is the watchword and ranch guests receive it for their entire stay, no matter the duration, no matter if they prefer exercise and playtime, relaxation and pampering, hobnobbing and socializing, or solitary canine reflection and meditation.

“Home on the Range” — for Julie and Ronn As Well

Julie and Ronn live on this tranquil, rural property, so as well as the ranch being their business, it’s also their home. Living amongst their canine guests, they form a special human-to-dog bond that would not be present if their home were elsewhere. They are hands-on owners who believe that if something is worth doing, and worth doing correctly, then they should do it themselves. The dogs in their care, therefore, receive monitoring around the clock, and constant supervision and nurturing. It’s a unique and quite wonderful arrangement.



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