The term wellness has been something of a trendy buzzword for about half a century — (yes, that is a long trend!) — and there’s no question that it means slightly different things to different people, depending on their perspective. For most, wellness is defined as “the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health.” It’s possibly that last part — “mental health” — that causes the word to be most often associated with human beings, not dogs. And yet, as far as K9 Ranch is concerned, it’s crucial for canine wellness to be considered at all times, for any and all guests boarded here.

Naturally, the focus and emphasis of canine wellness shift depending on the individual nature of a dog, and his or her particular health circumstances. This is the reason each guest at the ranch is required to have a Pet Profile Form filled in prior to boarding: to identify any special needs and personalize the boarding experience. For example — does he require medical attention, such as the administering of pills or application of ointments? Does she need specific handling care, because of injury or temperament? Is the only way to get him to eat by serving specially modified meals each day — or must he have extra meals for some reason? Is her coat so thick that it has to be brushed daily to prevent matting? Will he only sleep on a particular bed or with particular bedding? These are details that ranch staff learn beforehand, to ensure that all aspects of a dog’s physical health and comfort, and mental and emotional well-being are safeguarded.

The pinpointing of a dog’s individual needs and the attention given to his or her overall wellness are considered at the ranch from every customized angle: Is a dog at the senior stage of life and, therefore, in need of a particular type of treatment and attention? Or, at the other end of the age-spectrum, what if a dog is in the middle of energetic, demanding puppy-hood? Does a dog have a problem with excess weight and would he or she benefit from one of the ranch’s weight-loss programs, designed to prevent obesity-related health issues like hypertension and diabetes, or listlessness and lethargy? Or is a dog recovering from illness or injury or surgery and in need of the scheduled structure of a K9 Ranch Wellness Care Plan?

As you can see, K9 Ranch prepares for all eventualities, all aspects of canine wellness — including, of course, those unfortunate situations when unexpected health emergencies occur. And, believe it or not, there’s even consideration given here to Human Wellness, just in case dog-parents ever feel neglected.

If any of these aspects of wellness at K9 Ranch intrigues or interests you, a wealth of detailed information awaits — and all you have to do is CLICK HERE.



We are planting 8,000 new trees, to do our part for the environment. With each dog that visits K9 Ranch we will dedicate 5% of the fee to pay for a portion of our tree program… think of it as “for each night of stay, a tree is planted”.

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