Sometimes life can get overwhelming. Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day or compartments in your brain or stockpiles of energy in your system to deal with everything that’s being heaped upon you. Sometimes, unfortunately, the responsibility of being parent to a four-legged child temporarily overshadows the joy.

In a situation like this, it can actually benefit both you and your dog if there’s a brief separation, if — to put it another way — your dog takes a short vacation, enabling you to handle the complications being thrown your way without subjecting your canine loved one to raw nerves and a frayed temper.

K9 Ranch is the ideal vacation spot for your dog, a secondary home with surrogate parents who understand that it isn’t a crime to sometimes make your own wellness and that of your two-legged family members a priority.

Putting Your Mind at Ease

Here are a few situations where K9 Ranch can help you keep up with life by temporarily taking over your canine parenting responsibilities:

Life Challenges — Expected and Unexpected

  • you need to recover from an illness or surgery
  • guests have come to stay in your home and the additions to the household haven’t exactly contributed to its calm atmosphere
  • an elderly parent recovering from illness or surgery has come to live with you temporarily while he or she convalesces
  • you’re in the middle of that most terrible of ordeals, moving to a new home, and your soon-to-be-old home is full of boxes and “THINGS TO BE DONE NOW!” lists and confusion and upheaval and stress
  • you’re going through a ridiculously overwhelming period at work and are rarely at home
  • you simply need a break from everything so that you can recharge and restore your life’s balance

These and many other scenarios can easily rock the boat of life to the point that you lose your footing. No matter how long it takes until the waters have calmed, however, K9 Ranch will be there to back you up.



We understand that life can get complicated…and you can’t always keep up. One way to deal with some of the complications of life is to have your four-legged responsibilities go on vacation, so you can have a break. K9 Ranch can help here.

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