If you are looking to create an enriched, off leash life with your pet while fostering calm, indoor manners, this program is for you!

Our balanced training programs have an approach for every dog, and views each dog as an individual. This means that we customize each program for your pet’s needs rather than practicing a “one size fits all approach”.

Each program requires an initial consultation, during which we always ask clients: what are you looking for from training? Every owner has the same response: “I just want a good dog”.

What owners really mean is, “I want a dog that listens, no matter the circumstance”. Every dog
is relatively well behaved at home when the environment is calm and stable and the routine is
“per usual”. What our clients look for is a dog that doesn’t become over-excited and forget their
manners when the environment is exciting and the routine is novel. Does your dog remain quiet,
calm and polite when greeting guests arriving at your home? Does your dog walk nicely in town
or on an exciting new trail? Will your dog sit or lie down calmly at your child’s soccer game, or in
the vet’s office? Can you take your pet off leash while camping, at the dog beach or a friends’

If you have already tried all the methods that typically “worked” in the past, but still can’t answer
“yes!” to these questions, our programming might be for you! We address problematic behaviour
through obedience training, but we also address the overall mindset and emotional state of your
dog and how it may be blocking the pathway to success. Our goal is not to simply change
behaviour – but to change dogs’ lives – and YOUR life with your dog.

Our training program is designed and operated based on the tenets of behavioral psychology, and follows an evidence based curriculum. This means that we use positive reinforcement in our training process, as well as implementing discipline and boundaries to directly address behavioral issues that owners may be experiencing with their pets. Our owner education clearly communicates the theory and practice that contribute to success in training – our goal is that each pet owner only needs one dog trainer in their lifetime!



We understand that life can get complicated…and you can’t always keep up. One way to deal with some of the complications of life is to have your four-legged responsibilities go on vacation, so you can have a break. K9 Ranch can help here.

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