It’s a rare dog indeed who, when left alone at home during the day, can turn on the television and channel-surf using paw-to-remote-control application.  It’s an even rarer dog who, if able to perform this remarkable feat, derives any pleasure whatsoever from game shows and infomercials and questionably themed talk-shows.

The unfortunate reality is that some dogs get bored and restless when they’re alone at home.  The even more unfortunate reality is that, for certain dogs, this restlessness transforms into depression, or acts of aggression and destruction — not something you’d want your four-legged loved one to go through.

Occasional or regular daycare at K9 Ranch has solved this loneliness and boredom problem for many dogs and their parents, and could very well be the answer that you’re looking for.

K9 Ranch is an ideal day camp environment for any dog:  26 beautiful, begging-to-be-sniffed-and-explored acres of peaceful, rural canine paradise, featuring expansive grassy play areas known as the Corals, fresh spring-fed ponds specially designed by Mother Nature for summertime swimming and paddling and splashing friends (activities that are also ideally suited to the ranch pool), wooded nature trails full of a million enticing “ooh, what’s that what’s that, never smelled that before” scents, unlimited clean, invigorating air — and not a questionably themed talk-show in sight.  Even in bad weather, the ranch’s “All-Weather Corral” gives dogs a spacious indoor environment in which they can expend their playful enthusiasm, enjoy each other’s company, and interact with the two-legged surrogate parents whose loving attention they so relish.

Dogs who take part in K9 Ranch Day Camp follow the same schedule as dogs who are staying as boarding guests.  Day Campers take part in supervised playtime with other compatible dogs, have regular bathroom breaks, and receive meals and treats as parental instructions dictate.  By the end of the day, campers are relaxed and ready to return home, have a snuggle, and tell you (with a wagging tail and a friendly tongue) all about what they’ve been up to since morning.

At K9 Ranch our daycare services are called our DAYCAMP, want to learn more?



You taking a vacation to take care of your dog is not a vacation for you. Save your vacation days for your own life recovery and battery charging. Let us help your dog recover in a healthy way.

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