You know that your dog is trusting you to make the best possible boarding decision for him or her, to choose a location where canine comfort and care and companionship are at the top of the priority list.  A location where the word “kennel” falls far short of describing the accommodations being offered — where the term “guest rooms” is much more accurate and applicable.  A location where reality exceeds expectations in all the important ways.

K9 Ranch is exactly that location.

Because ranch-owners Julie and Ronn and their staff are dog-lovers at heart — and dog-lovers with heart — they treat the dogs staying here as if they were their own.  Personal, loving attention is the watchword and ranch guests receive it for their entire stay, no matter the duration.  Julie and Ronn live on this tranquil, rural property as well — the ranch is their home — so the dogs in their care are monitored around the clock, their well-being constantly supervised and nurtured.

Personal, loving attention is similarly reflected in the guest rooms where dogs stay during their visit to K9 Ranch, rooms that are the result of Julie and Ronn’s exhaustive research into the latest dog-care and -lodging innovations.

Guest Rooms

Using your dog’s size, temperament and socializing requirements as a guide — along with any special requests you might make — K9 Ranch staff determine which of several room options will provide him or her with the ideal personalized boarding experience.  The rooms themselves fall into two main categories:

The Ranch Rooms

  • 12 private rooms of varying generous sizes with 20ft.-deep individual outdoor runs

The Bunkhouse

  • 6 cozy private rooms with extra-large individual outdoor runs

Ranch Rooms and Bunkhouse rooms share common features designed to foster and encourage the home-away-from-home perception of canine guests:

  • clean and comfortable interiors, with climate-control for optimal restfulness
  • seamless, antibacterial, non-absorbent, pet-friendly floors
  • privacy walls to ensure peaceful slumber
  • both natural sunlight (windows in most rooms) and full-spectrum lighting
  • soothing music to create a calming atmosphere
  • freshly laundered blankets
  • padded “Kuranda” beds (suited to provide orthopaedic comfort to dogs of all ages, and especially beneficial — and recommended by veterinarians — for dogs afflicted with hip problems, arthritis, or various complaints associated with aging)

Home away from Home

Although the K9 Ranch team does everything possible to put guests at ease, for some dogs a little additional sensory input is required.  So, feel free to bring along your dog’s favourite toys (two, maximum; permanently marked or somehow labelled), cookie-type treats (although these are not actually necessary as the ranch has plenty of cookies to go around), blanket, or even bed, to make them feel even more at home during their stay.  (K9 Ranch is not responsible for lost or damaged items.)

A Place to Lay Their Contented Heads

As mentioned, guest rooms at K9 Ranch are floored with non-absorbent, pet-friendly material.  Rarely, however, do “bathroom accidents” happen here.  During their stay, all dogs have constant access to their individual outdoor runs and are taken on numerous daily walks, so answering the canine call of nature happens just as nature intended:  outside.

A guest room, therefore, rather than being defined as “living quarters,” should be considered a place for a dog to lay his or her contented head after an enjoyable day of participating in fun outdoor leisure activities like ball-play, swimming and nature walks, and soaking up the freedom and fresh country air that the ranch’s 26 idyllic acres provide in such abundance.


To make your life easier and remove any possible stress that might be generated by the dog-boarding experience, guest transportation to and from the ranch is available. For information on this service, visit dog chauffeur.


For full details on discounts, peak season rates, and up-to-date pricing, visit our pricing page.



We understand that life can get complicated…and you can’t always keep up. One way to deal with some of the complications of life is to have your four-legged responsibilities go on vacation, so you can have a break. K9 Ranch can help here.

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