K9 Ranch

BellaEyesAnyone who’s ever looked into a dog’s eyes knows this simple truth: of all the animals in the animal kingdom, dogs are the most human. We’re not talking about the communication ability of a dolphin here, or an ape’s DNA similarities — what we’re referring to is that deep, soulful intelligence and knowingness that radiates from a dog’s gaze, warm and loving and, often, full of humour. It’s this similarity to people that confirms the canine as “man’s and woman’s best friend.”

Unfortunately, as much as we’d like them to, our best friends can’t always go where we do. So, we’re regularly faced with the (often painful) decision to leave them in somebody else’s care while we go away, on vacation, or on a business trip, or even simply to the office on a regular workday. In that special way they have, dogs understand this. And they trust us to make the right decisions and choices for them, based entirely on their physical well-being and happiness. When their comfort and health and contentment are assured, that’s when dog-lovers achieve peace of mind.

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