Consider, if you will, the K9 Ranch environment, the 26 rural acres of woods and fields and trails and ponds, the welcoming canine paradise that makes running, jumping, exploring, playing, hunting, chasing, tumbling and romping such an uninhibited joy. Now consider the scents and smells that these exuberant outdoor activities will unavoidably bring to your dog’s coat — especially if weather conditions are humid or rainy — simply because the ranch’s all-natural surroundings encourage these most natural types of canine behaviour. It is for this aromatic reason that K9 Ranch staff highly recommend that dogs who’ve been boarded here be bathed prior to departure for home. It’s not a matter of environmental cleanliness — for K9 Ranch maintains the highest sanitation standards in the industry; it’s a matter of you taking your dog home in fresh-smelling, ready-for-cuddling-and-snuggling-and-jumping-on-your-bed condition.

K9 Ranch’s Bath & Go service is a discounted treat for dogs, offered to Boarding or Day Camp guests. It includes:

  • Bath (using high-end, all-natural shampoo and conditioner, selected from our extensive range of bathing and grooming products to suit the dog’s individual requirements)
  • Dry (fluff-dry by hand not crate-dry)
  • Brush

How Much*?

  • Small dogs: $25
  • Medium-sized dogs: $35
  • Large dogs: $45
  • Extra Large: $55

* Prices are subject to change, depending on the condition of the dog’s coat and severity of matting, if any.

À la Carte

Add on separate services selectively to a Bath & Go:

How Much?

  • Nail-trim: $15
  • Ear-clean: $10
  • Blow Dry Upgrade: $20
  • Dog Brushing: $20


If your puppy is not social or even aggressive toward others or does not wish to play in a group, he or she can use one of our many off leash private areas or can go on leashed walks through our trails. We make every attempt to socialize all guests.